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Save thousands with a DashCam from Electric Vehicle Leads:

Sounds incredible, but you could literally save thousands - with the costs associated with an accident where blame cannot be fully apportioned to the other party from:

  • Loss of no claims discount
  • Higher premiums
  • Repair costs
  • Potentially false claims for compensation or repair work
  • Written off car

Don't fall victim to circumstance - a crash can happen at any time and if you can't adequately demonstrate that it wasn't your fault (at all) then a lot of insurance companies just settle, passing on increased costs to you for many years to come; we've all seen the little box on the insurance quote about claims in the last 5 years!

Here at Electric Vehicle Leads we have a great range of Dash Cams from the basic to the advanced, from single camera options to multi-camera solutions to record front and back simultaneously. We think a Dash Cam should be fitted to every car, they're simple to install, and once they're in you can forget about them until you really need it.

Just don't wait until after an accident to fit one!

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