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Silver Type 2 EV Charge Lead
Black Type 2 EV Charge Lead
Renault Zoe
Renault Zoe
BMW i3
BMW i3
Tesla Model S on Charge

EV and PHEV 3 Phase Type 2 Charging Cable

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The Finest Quality and Widest Choice

This 3 phase Type 2 cable is as fast as it gets and as long as both your car and the charger that you're plugged into support 22 kW 3 phase you'll notice a reduction in charge time of approximately 30% from a normal 7 kW 32 amp supply and cable.

Most EV Cables have the minimum allowable wire size and are only IP44 rated, whereas ours are IP54 rates and use thicker cores for a safer, faster and more reliable charge.  We also include a 5 year manufactures warranty for added piece of mind.

Please choose from the drop down options to customise the cable to suit your applications, with sizes ranging from 3.5 to 25 meters, a choice of 5 different colours and 2 speeds there are 100 possibilities for our Type 2 cable alone - the widest choice in the UK.

Pick from our options and treat your EV to a new custom charge lead; match the colour to the car and pick the best length to suit your needs.

Made from only the highest quality materials our EV Charge Leads are made to order in the UK to your exact specifications.  Delivery is normally 5-10 working days.

Whilst this lead will work with any Type two vehicle, only the following manufacturers have enabled 22 Kw 3 phase charging:

Renault Zoe

Tesla Model S / X

BMW i3 / i3s


Please note that this cable is being phased out and so only limit stocks remain.

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