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EV and PHEV Type 2 Replacement Tethered Cable

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Replacement Cables for Tethered Type 2 Chargers 

One of the best thing about a home charger is the ease and simplicity of being able to arrive home and just pop the plug into the car; takes less than 30 seconds right? Well what if you can't always get close enough to the charger - have to move the other car out of the way every time? What if you've damaged your cable and need to replace it?

With our replacement tethered cable you can extend the reach of your charger to make it around obstacles, make it long enough to charge the car outside of a garage and add convenience or flexibility. 

Our cables are made to order so delivery is normally 5-10 days.

If you have any questions or would like a quote for a size not shown here get in touch here and we'll get back to you with the information you need.


It is recommended that these are fitted by a trained electrician - the install will involve working on electrical connections inside the charger.  EVSE (charger) MUST be isolated prior to installation to prevent injury.